Where do I start?

I am a beginner, where do I start? First, learn the Arabic letters in the Beginners section. If you want to perfect your pronunciation then go to Watch. Alternatively, go straight to Listen for the Tajweed Podcasts. Start at lesson 1.


What is the aim of the website?
The aim is to promote reading of the Quran with tajweed and to spread this knowledge for free.
When was this site established?
In June 2007. By April 2013, the site had received: over 10 000 unique visitors per month.
Who sponsors the site?
t is based on the individual effort of the site owner. There is no expectation of sponsorship.
Who provides the technical support and development of the site?
Content management and site maintenance is completed by the site owner.
Can these podcasts and videos be used in other websites or programs, where the objective is to benefit others?
Yes, as long as you do not make money or sell them in any form. Be sure to acknowledge Tajweed In English.