About Tajweed in English

Welcome to the tajweed and Quran podcasts which are explained in English. These podcasts are designed specifically for English speakers who want to learn tajweed. It will also assist those who do not have the chance to meet a sheikh or qari in their local area, by assisting them to seek this sacred knowledge of Quran and tajweed. Given that there are approximately 20 million Muslims in the English speaking world, this is a useful resource to bring this sacred knowledge to those who cannot find access to sheikhs.The podcasts are a series of short, engaging lectures, going through the rules of Arabic alphabet, makharij (articulation points), sifaat (qualities of letters), waqf (rule stopping and pausing) rasm (Orthography relating to recitation of certain words). There will also be some elaboration on the meaning of tajweed, the history of it (including the biography of Imam Hafs and ‘Asim) and finally, a brief summary on the work of Imam Al-Jazari and Imam Al-Shatibi rhm. This interesting historical background provides English speakers with some context of the great Islamic scholarship that is the basis of how and why we study tajweed today. All you need is to concentrate and make a sincere intention, inshallah you will improve your recitation skills.

About Khaled Bouchafaa

Khaled Bouchafaa has been teaching Quran and Tajweed for the last 26 years in various Islamic colleges and masjids. He has been authorised by the Qurra to teach this sacred knowledge of tajweed and Quran. He began his studies of Qiraat in Algeria (from Sheikh Sharati rhm who was the student of the famous Sheikh Abdul-Aziz abul Uyun as Sud and from Sheikh Ahmed Ma'but who was the student of Bakri at Tarabishi) and acquired further knowledge from eminent Scholars of Qiraat in Damascus (Sheikh Abu Sulayman az Zabibi, Sheikh Abdur Razaq al Halabi and the Imam of Jamia al Qitat Sheikh Abu Usamah Basha). In addition, he has studied with the qari Sheikh Hassan Marzug al Jizzi and Sheikh Khaled Barakaat, the Sheikh Qurra of Akkar (Lebanon). Sheikh Khaled recites Quran with riwayat Hafs by the Shatibiyah tariq and riwayat Warsh by the Al-Azraq tariq. Currently, he is a teacher of Quran, Islamic Studies and Arabic language in the largest Islamic School of Australia, is a volunteer Imam and provides tajweed lessons in English and Arabic in his local area.